Top Five Anti-Aging Ingredients You Need to Try



Anti-Aging is a term bandied around freely in the beauty world. But if you are intent on actually keeping the visible signs of time at bay, you don’t want to beat around the bush when it comes to knowing what to buy advises New York-based Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Dr Vincent Giampapa, who is also Medical Advisor for Jeunesse® Global and author of Breaking the Aging Code.

According to him, there are 5 ingredients that prove fruitful when it comes to stalling the signs of time. These are: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Stem Cells with Growth Factors, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Hyaluronic acid. Found naturally in our skin, it works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and plays a vital role in structure (as almost half of the body’s Hyaluronic acid is located in the collagen of the skin). “It helps to retain 1000 times it weight in water and results in increased smoothness, softness and can decrease the appearance of wrinkles,” says Dr Giampapa. “Hyaluronic acid is equally, if not more so important, than collagen as no other biological substance can retain as much water as Hyaluronic Acid.”

Proteins composed of long or short chains of amino acids – the building blocks of protein. They work by helping to stimulate the replacement of components of the skin that suffer during the ageing process such as collagen and elastin

Stem Cells with Growth Factors. “During the ageing process, factors that are derived from stem cells develop a special growth factor complex that helps heal our cells and assist in slowing down the appearance of the ageing process,” explains Dr Giampapa.

Jeunesse's Luminesce Serum, the best skincare product with stem cell technology. Produced by JeunesseGlobal USA.

Jeunesse’s Luminesce Serum, the best skincare product with stem cell technology. Produced by JeunesseGlobal USA.

Vitamin A. An overall age fighter. Vitamin A works to help reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots and smooth roughness whilst assisting in the neutralization of damaging oxidation caused by free radicals.

Vitamin C. An antioxidant that helps prevent damage caused by free radicals and helps regenerate other antioxidants in the body. “It also helps to improve the firmness and production of collagen, resulting in the appearance of firmer and more youthful skin.  It works to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation,” says Dr Giampapa.

Got a bevy of these in your beauty cupboard? You should do.

“The Australian sun is very harsh and we are open to UV damage which is one of the fundamental causes of skin ageing,” he explains. “Even though we may not show the sign of fie lines and wrinkles at that early age, the damage is already starting.

“People as young as 20 should be looking after their skin,” he adds, saying that protection via SPF is the best prevention.

Dr Giampapa assures me that advances in research and development are continually presenting products, which are truly able to affect change in the appearance of the skin. “Regenerative skin care is at the forefront of anti-ageing skincare and it is because it helps to regenerate the cells giving it a younger and healthier looking appearance,” he notes.

Above and beyond cosmetic procedures and surgery, Dr Giampapa goes on to say that there will always be a need in our beauty cabinets for topical application to look after and enhance our skin on the outside, “however vitamin injections are definitely a growing tool in the anti-ageing kit,” he notes. “Vitamins and minerals help to make us healthier from the inside out, and that in turn helps to enhance the look of our skin.” (

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