Jeunesse Global in India

Jeunesse' LEAD 2015 USA. Will you be there next?

Jeunesse’ LEAD 2015 USA. Will you be there next?

Jeunesse is receiving lots of question regarding on how to register or join Jeunesse Global in India, Egypt, Jordan, Venezuela, etc. For your info, Jeunesse is preparing all its way to officially launch the amazing products and business in India and several new markets worldwide.

While many thousands of people around the world have enjoyed Jeunesse opportunity making money from their gadgets using the Jeunesse single platform, network marketing lovers in India can take position in the Jeunesse business, and start building their networks prior to Jeunesse official launch in India or other countries. Yess, you can also start selling products, recruiting members even Jeunesse has not come to your border.

How…? There are few ways in mind to do the strategic business planning ahead of others. However, lets take a look at the registration process first.

Some of Jeunesse' amazing products.

Some of Jeunesse’ amazing products.

In order to become a Jeunesse member or distributor, you just have to fill the online Jeunesse Global Application form. During the registration process you will:

  1. Fill personal data: name, email, bank account number, mobile number,  shipping address, date of birth, etc. Prepare also a unique username and a password to access your personal Jeunesse website,
  2. Choose a membership product package. Package content and price may slightly vary among countries. For serious business partner, we do encourage to choose at least Jumbo Package or Ambassador Package because of the big saving in price and long-term of Sapphire level privilege. Details of package content can be checked before selection,
  3. Pay with Credit Card.

Network marketers in countries where Jeunesse does not operate yet, still can join the business with two little obstacles to solve easily:

  1. Shipping address. Since Jeunesse does not operate in your country, you may choose an address in the nearest country or address of a friend in other country where Jeunesse does business, to ship your chosen package. The need for address in application form is only to ship your products. Nothing else.
  2. Bank account. You can do the same way in solving address problem to the banking problem. Open an overseas account, or use someone else’s account that you can trust in another country where Jeunesse exists. The good news is, in the online application form, bank account data is optional. Means you can fill it right away or postpone it to your designated time.  All bonuses will be held by Jeunesse until you provide bank account number in personal data.

Conclusion: Nothing can prevent you from becoming a Jeunesse family member.

Now, how to check the nearest or choose a country to be your “temporary country” until Jeunesse open the business in your own country? Simply, click the picture below to see the most updated list of Jeunesse’ countries so far:


or, visit and click “JOIN” at the upper right side to select your temporary country, and start your registration process as described above.

After the completion of your registration, we will send you marketing material as follows:

  1. Welcoming materials to familiarize yourself with Jeunesse and to start your winning game in the business,
  2. Company profile,
  3. Products Booklet
  4. Compensation Plan
  5. Other necessary materials to fuel your success with Jeunesse.

Most importantly, as a member of Jeunesse you can access your personal back office to manage your business, check bonuses, supervise your growing organization, and enjoy plenty of supporting materials for your very own business with Jeunesse.

Welcome to Jeunesse family

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